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Floor Cleaning Services

The floor cleaning service is one of the most requested. It is understandable: regular correct cleaning of the floor surface will extend the lifespan of the floors.

During office or house cleaning, floor cleaning can be separated into two categories: dry and wet. Commercial floor cleaning services frequently include buffing the floor’s surface to make it stain-resistant.

With time, dust inevitably accumulates, increases in thickness, and becomes noticeable. Floor presentation becomes disturbed, and the quality of the floor decreases. To prevent these changes, the floor must be dry–cleaned daily. It is easier to complete floor dusting daily than to spend time and effort removing old, untidy spots.

Our protocol for floor cleaning service includes dry cleaning before floor washing. Floor washing requires mops with cotton heads as they pick up dirt more efficiently while containing water (leaving floors sparkling clean).

Due to the rainy fall and spring seasons, hardwood floor cleaning services include particular application of protective substances to increase the wood’s lifetime and maintain the appearance of a new floor. Doormats at the entrances are recommended to collect dirt and moisture off your shoes. Area rugs are recommended at the place of high-traffic areas (in front of the sinks). Rugs must be made of natural material to prevent moisture entrapment.

The hardwood floor cleaning services must include waxing twice a year to prolong the lifetime of your floors. They must be wiped with a damp mop and never washed with water. All dirt must be removed immediately, and the floor must be cleaned with the appropriate floor cleaner. It is essential to choose the correct washing substance to avoid floor damage.

Marble or other natural stone floors also require protection and must be cleaned as often as regular flooring. Floor cleaning services for the stone floor include vacuuming or dusting at first, then wiping with a damp, clean mop. They could be washed with soapy water or stone cleaners after that.

Commercial floor cleaning service includes drying the floors with towels after finishing all cleaning work. The results of floor cleaning services depend on the correct choice of protective cleaning substances. Please consider that poor choice of these substances may damage the floor or reduce its attractiveness.


As a professional wood floor cleaning service and commercial floor cleaning service, we guarantee the following:

  • To take good care of your floors
  • To maintain the extraordinary appearance of the floors you’ve trusted us with
  • To keep your property safe
  • Use appropriate washing substances on your floors
  • To use environmentally friendly substances that are safe for you and your pets.

Contract work is available upon request.

Why us?

  • Unlike other wood floor cleaning services, we offer an attractive price range. We are happy to provide an excellent price for a high-quality service. We are not a franchise, and there is no need to pay an intermediary. We are sure after trying our services you will be back again.
  • Professional floor cleaning with a full list of services is completed using organic cleaning supplies (when requested).
  • We offer time-efficient service.
  • Spring cleaning of your home by Oldham Housekeepers will keep the house sparkling clean and cozy, and you can enjoy your free time.
  • Honest employees.

Floor cleaning

  • Floor cleaning (is completed in all rooms)
  • Vacuuming
  • Dust Wiping
  • Washing
  • Waxing or shining of the surfaces

Hardwood floor cleaning

Our workers have good experience with various floor surfaces and can use only the harmless cleaning mix for your floors. Using our services, you will keep your floors as good as new.

We know how to take care of the natural stone.

To keep the stone floor shiny and spotless, it must be prepared correctly for cleaning.

The smooth surface must be cleaned with special soap for the stone floors. This way, the surface will be guarded from dirt, and the stone will maintain a rich color.

Some additives give the natural color of the stone more depth. In addition, they prevent oil saturation and reduce the formation of dirt spots. However, this type of cleaning should be done only once a year.

Natural stone (all except granite) should never be washed with acid solution due to the possibility of a non-reversible chemical reaction that can leave stains on the surfaces.

Initial cleaning of marble, sandstone, and ceramic tile:

  • Remove dust and dry dirt with the use of a vacuum or broom
  • Wash the floor once or twice using a mop or floor-washing equipment. Use a neutralizing solution of liquid soap and water. The floor scrubber or floor buffer should have cloth brushes or a white attachment.
  • Wash the floor with a neutralizing solution once more.
  • Pick up the leftover soap solution with a washing vacuum.
  • If the floor washing vacuum was used instead of a floor buffer, use a damp mop to erase the line left after the vacuum. Usually, the washing vacuum with a clean water flow function does not leave lines.
  • After drying, the floor (except ceramic tile) usually must be buffed to cover the stone’s pores and protect it from destruction.
  • When cleaning, you can prolong the shine of your floors by adding green soap to the water.

Initial cleaning of granite and slate

  • Remove dust and dry dirt with the use of a vacuum or broom
  • Apply ample amounts of cleaning solution
  • Use a buffer with a red attachment to clean the floor.
  • Pick up the leftover soap solution with a washing vacuum.
  • If the floor washing vacuum was used instead of a floor buffer, use a damp mop to erase the line left after the vacuum. Usually, the washing vacuum with a clean water flow function does not leave lines.

Daily cleaning of hardwood floor

Daily cleaning of hardwood floor (as suggested by our professional wood floor cleaning service):

  • Dust and dirt are cleaned with a dry mop, broom, or vacuum
  • Light oil spots are cleaned with a damp mop and a cleaning solution spray. For large areas, use a floor washing machine with a white attachment.
  • Heavily oily dirt is removed by a wet mop or floor washing machine with a red attachment.

Cleaning solutions:

For smooth surfaces, use cleaning and protecting solutions. They have a cleaning effect and leave only a tiny amount of solution on the floors.

To avoid overuse of wax on the floors, alternate with gentle base cleaning solutions. After the floor is dry, you can use a buffer with a white attachment to smooth out your floor’s surface and make it easier to clean in the future.

Semi-hardwood floors cleaning

Initial cleaning of vinyl floors:

  • Remove dirt using a dry mop, broom, or vacuum sweeper. It is better not to use mops with silicone or plastic heads as they can damage the surface and aid in the crumbling ( especially if the floor is covered with stain-resistant solution.

Light oil dirt should be removed with a damp mop and a cleaning spray. To clean large areas, use a floor washing machine with a white or red attachment.

Heavily oiled dirt we remove using a wet mop or floor washing machine with a red or white attachment.

The time between cleaning cycles can be increased using stain-resistant spray. It will give the floor extra shine and reduce the scratches from the shoes or animals.

Cleaning solutions: Choose cleaning and surface-protecting solutions for the buffed surfaces, such as liquid oil or liquid wax. These cleaning solutions have a cleaning effect and leave the most minor residue on the surface. You may alternate with gentle base cleaning solutions to avoid overuse of these solutions.

Acidic and robust base solutions are prohibited on vinyl floors as they can permanently damage the surface.

Taking care of laminate floors:

These types of floors require the least effort. It can be cleaned with a brush, broom, mop, or vacuum to collect the dust. Use a damp mop to remove heavy stains and dirt. Never use a wet mop or a mop with long fibers, as it leaves lines on the floor.

The laminate floor has poor tolerance for water, the same as hardwood floors. Therefore, follow these wood floor cleaning services rules when caring for laminate floors.

Glue or paint stains can be removed with oil-based stain remover and then washed with floor cleaning solution. The laminate floors do not require a particular stain-resistant application to protect its surface. The wax or floor guard should not be applied as these may damage laminate floors.

Ready to give your floors the care they deserve?

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